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To benefit from our low-price website design offer choose from our range of business website templates/themes shown here. Although the designs have been set up with materials relating to holiday properties, the same designs can be adapted to a wide range of businesses.

You can make your website unique with your own choice of colour scheme, background graphics and fonts. In choosing a template you are choosing an approach to the layout of the site, not a specific colour scheme. If you are not sure about colours, etc., we will be glad to create a sample webpage with a suggested colour scheme for you to comment on and request alterations to (at no extra charge).

If you want something different, contact us with any URLs to other websites that have a look you like, and we will give you quote for a similar custom-built website with excellent search engine optimisation (SEO).

Click the images below to see live websites showing the template in final use. (Note that one or two of the features of the live sites may not be included in the standard template-based website offer.)

La Maison

This uses an open design with elements like the top menu and the header photo filling the full width of the screen. The desktop/laptop view has a horizontal menu at the top that disappears as the viewer scrolls down and then reappears the second that the user scrolls back up. The mobile view has a button to click, sliding a menu out from the left side of the screen.

The home page is designed to be a long page that visitors scroll down. Part of the reason is to get lots of keyword-rich content on the page, helping to boost its ranking with the search engines. The technique is helped by the fact that people using the social media are used now to scrolling down long pages.

As with all our recent designs, this is responsive, meaning the width of elements on the page automatically adjust to the width of the screen used to view it. This makes the website more mobile-friendly, and enables it to pass Google's test of mobile-friendliness (sites that fail are penalised by Google in mobile searches).

Click the screenshot to see a live site (a multi-property one) using this design.

New Leaf Farm

This uses a boxed design (the header, main content and footer areas don't go across the full width of the screen) with a full-width photo in the background. That photo has been blurred to push it further back creating an impression of more depth, and reducing the distraction.

Where the Tuscan Dreams site shows our standard availability calendar, the New Leaf Farm site integrates a third-party online booking system.

Click the screenshot to see the live site using this design.

May Cottage

This uses a more open design, with a full-width header, footer, and a full-width parallax image on the home page. The slide show has been given the width it would have in a boxed design.

As with all our templates, the colour scheme, the graphics used and the choice of fonts can all be altered to suit your taste.

Click the screenshot to see the live site using this design.

Moor Grange

Here the open design includes a full-width slide show.

If desired, the slide show could also be included on the page for the property interior and other pages.

Although the site here is for multiple properties, a similar design could be used for a single-property website.

Click the screenshot to see the live site using this design.

Picture Perfect

This design has a full-width menu across the top but a narrower slide show.

The property pages use a tabbed content area that helps get more content onto a single page. This is suitable for multi-property websites, but less so for single-property sites.

Although the site here is for multiple properties, a similar design could be used for a single-property website.

Click the screenshot to see the live site using this design.

Mor Glas

This is a very minimal design with an all-white background.

A similar approach, with an all-white background, but slightly less minimal has been used in the Villa Striano website.

Click the screenshot to see the live site using this design.

Seann Druim

This combines a full-width header, menu and footer region with boxed content areas. The latter have a semi-transparent background so that the full-width background image shows through slightly. That transparency is optional, as is the spacing between the separate content areas.

Other sites with full-width images in the background include Thornfield Camping Cabins, Coach House and Appletreewick Cottages.

Click the screenshot to see the live site using this design.

Other Designs

Browse our portfolio to see other designs that might be used as starting points for your website.

Note that a few of our sites have been custom-built on the understanding that the designs will not be duplicated. New websites would have to be significantly different from those.

Note also that it is our policy not to produce a similar website for someone who is a direct competitor in the same region of the country as one of our existing clients.

Click to browse our portfolio.


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