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Handcrafted Websites offers a total website service aimed especially at holiday property businesses in the UK and Europe that need assistance setting up and promoting their online business. For a website to succeed, it needs to be set up in the right way first, and then it needs to be promoted. Handcrafted Websites will ensure that your online business is set up in the right way so that it gets off to the best possible start. Or if you have an older, under-performing website, Handcrafted Websites can rebuild it from scratch so that it begins to perform better.

In employing Handcrafted Websites, you are not just getting a low-cost website. You are also getting a personal service to guide through the labyrinth that you have to find your way through in order to succeed online. We can advise you on matters such as selecting the most appropriate booking engine, registering your business with Google, putting it on the map, signing up with Google Analytics to keep an eye on visitor stats, and promoting your business via the social media.

The design process for the low-cost offer below involves choosing an initial design (either one on our designs page or our portfolio page, or one of similar complexity seen elsewhere) and then requesting alterations to things like the colours, graphics, fonts, page layouts. A suggested design is then uploaded, you comment on it, and the design is then altered in line with your comments. And the process continues until you are happy with the result.

To keep the whole process as risk-free for you as possible, no downpayment is usually requested, and you are invoiced only on successful completion of the project. And for the sake of transparency, prior to work commencing a contract is drawn up with a detailed project description, costings, and full terms and conditions for you to read and agree to, so there are no surprises.

Mobile-friendly designs

For some time now Google has been penalising websites that don't have what is called a responsive design, which is a design that automatically adapts to the width of the visitor's screen. All our current web designs are responsive, and therefore mobile-friendly. To see a responsive design in action pull in one side of the browser to make the window narrower.

Website design offer

A user-updatable small-business brochure website using our hosting to promote a single property (if it's a holiday accommodation website) with a layout and look based on an existing design chosen from the template-based designs seen in our web design portfolio and then customised to your requirements. The website will be set up using text, photos and links that you provide, which you can later change yourself using the website's content management system (CMS). The design will be responsive (mobile-friendly). And carefully optimised to work well with search engines (very good SEO). The offer includes the personal care, attention, and assistance from your dedicated designer, who will guide you through the whole process of setting your business up online.

The offer includes...

  • A design of your choice
  • Colours, fonts and page layouts set to your preferences
  • Slick slideshow for the homepage
  • Stylish lightbox for a photo gallery
  • Availability calendar at no extra charge
  • Integration of a booking engine, if desired
  • Up to 12 pages with up to 4 page layouts
  • Up to 30 photographs resized and carefully presented
  • Creation of all necessary pages using content you provide
  • Text-based business name graphic
  • Installation of an interactive Google map (directions optional)
  • Contact form and/or booking request form with spam-prevention
  • Encryption of your email address
  • Social media links and/or widgets (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)
  • Other widgets installed (e.g. TripAdvisor)
  • Excellent on-site search engine optimisation of key web pages
  • Integration of Google Analytics (for visitor stats)
  • Set of favicons using your logo, business initials or photo
  • Features to make the website comply with prevailing cookie laws
  • Guidance compiling a GDPR-compliant privacy policy
  • Addition of downloadable PDF docs (e.g. terms & conds, access statement)
  • Help setting up your business email
  • Creation of a sitemap and submission to Google
  • Testing the site with Google's diagnostic tools after it goes live
  • Guidance and assistance using the CMS to update the text and photos on the website yourself
  • Assistance with any other issues you face getting your business online and running successfully
  • Nothing to pay until the site is live and you are happy with it.


Premium Hosting Plus

Reliable UK website hosting

Website hosting on reliable UK servers for sites built by us, plus the regular maintenance of the software for the website, in addition to a rescue service, so Handcrafted Websites remains responsible for the good working of the site.

It includes a FREE SSL certificate, enabling your website to use the HTTPS protocol. The browsers then display a padlock icon to the left of the web address indicating a more secure connection. Not only does this add to the website's security, but it also means you avoid being penalised in the search engine ranking (Google has been penalising sites without an SSL certificate since 2014).

Our comprehensive web hosting, maintenance and security package also includes:

Further details...

  • Hosting on reliable UK servers
  • Up to 1 gb disc space and 10 gb bandwidth per month
  • FREE SSL certificate
  • Regular website maintenance to keep the CMS software up-to-date and secure*
  • Annual check with Google's diagnostic tools that there are no search engine issues
  • Advice on how to keep pace with changing technology
  • Rescue service in the event that the website goes offline**
  • Friendly and helpful support via email
  • Free MySQL databases, e.g. for the CMS & calendars, etc.
  • Business email address and mailbox
  • Optional configuration of a larger Gmail account to work with your business email address
  • Email forwarding and email auto-responders
  • Your personal hosting control panel (CPanel)
  • FTP access, should you need it
  • Facility to move the site elsewhere whenever you wish without needing consent or assistance from Handcrafted Websites.

* To remain secure, the CMS (content management system) software that your website is built with will require regular updating. Handcrafted Websites uses a hardened installation for each CMS, which means software updates need to be done manually. With our hosting, we can do that for you.

** In the very rare event that the website is damaged, we will endeavour to repair the damage and get the website back online at no further cost. A charge would be negotiated with you only if part of the website needs to be manually rebuilt.


SSL Certificates

SSL certificates

An SSL certificate is what enables your website to use what is called the HTTPS protocol, so the web address (URL) begins https:// instead of http:// and a green padlock appears to the left of the address in the browser address bar. This adds a level of security to the website which used to be important only for websites handling very sensitive credit card details, but since 2014 Google has been penalising websites that don't have an SSL certificate regardless of whether they really need one or not. Hence, if search engine ranking is one of your priorities, it is now necessary to get a certificate installed and switch the website over to the HTTPS protocol.

A range of certificates are available. Handcrafted Websites can advise which is the most suitable, then obtain it and install it for you. The fee is an annual one, and the certificate needs to be renewed annually. Note: If you have our Premium Website Hosting package, an entry level SSL certificate will be included at no extra charge. It will suffice as long as your website does not need to store sensitive information such as credit card details.

Prices from £48.00

Custom-built websites

Custom website design UK

Want something different for your website? Tell us what you have in mind, what you want to promote, send us the URLs of websites that have design features you want your website to incorporate plus the URLs of your strongest competitors, and we will give you a quote to build a site completely from scratch. It will have a content management system (CMS) so you can control the content, and have our usual excellent SEO features built in.

Note: Usually, no downpayment is required, and clients are invoiced only on successful completion of the project. Prior to work commencing, a written proposal with full terms and conditions will be drawn up for both parties to agree to. Any extra work will be discussed first and the cost agreed before anything further is done. Our aim is to keep the process of setting up your website as transparent as possible, enabling you to work with a remote web design agency without losing your peace of mind.


Professional service at a fair price. What you see is what you get - no hidden extras and lots of flexibility.

Penywaun House

Professional, affordable and fast, with exceptional support and impressive knowledge. Any queries are answered and dealt with quickly and solutions always found. Our website was up and running within days - it looks great and generates lots of enquiries! We are so pleased we found them and highly recommend them.

Teal Cottage

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