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Switching from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4

The point here is to take some of the pain out of switching from Google's Universal Analytics to the newer GA4 analytics, now that the Universal Analytics is being scrapped.

ProTip: If you are on medication for high blood pressure, take some now. It would be foolish not to.

1. First step is to use your favourite laptop or desktop computer to log into the Analytics system here: https://analytics.google.com/. If you have multiple Google accounts, you need to be logged in on your device with the Google account you were using when you first set up the Analytics stuff for your website.

2. To the right of the Analytics logo is the name of the current account being viewed. If there are multiple accounts, there will be a downward arrow next to it. Check that this is indeed the account for your website.

Google Analytics 4 setup step 01

3. When you think you have the right account name showing at the top of the window, click the cog icon (with the word Admin next to it) at the bottom left of the window to get into the settings for that account. Then click the arrow circled below to check the property name and number.

Google Analytics 4 setup step 02

4. After clicking it, you should see this:

Google Analytics 4 setup step 03

The letters UA you see there confirm that the current analytics property is an old universal analytics thing.

5. Now click the GA Setup Assistant link for that property:

Google Analytics 4 setup step 04

6. And click the Get Started button:

Google Analytics 4 setup step 05

7. You then see a new popup. Ignore the confusion and just click Create Property.

Google Analytics 4 setup step 06

8. You then get a success message and a button to Go To Your GA4 Property. Click that button.

Google Analytics 4 setup step 07

9. Ignore the content of the new page, and instead put the cursor in the search box at the top of the window, and type: measurement id. Don't click Enter. The system should show you a white popup like this:

Google Analytics 4 setup step 08

The number highlighted there is the all-important measurement ID that needs to be included in the Google Analytics code that must be inserted on each page of your website. Click the copy button shown next to it and then paste the number into an email for Handcrafted Websites (or your web designer), who will add the necessary code to your web pages.


If you now click the Home icon at the top of the vertical menu on the left of the window, you will see this:

Google Analytics 4 setup step 09

That tells you that the system is not able to collect data for that property yet, and it gives you a reminder of the measurement ID for that property. After your designer includes the correct code in your web pages, and 24 hours or so pass, that warning will disappear and you will start to see stats reports there.

Do bear in mind that for Google that is only the beginning. There is a whole stack of things to be done with the new GA4 property. If you are curious and want to know more, see the page below:


If you get stuck and need further assistance, send an email to:


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